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Mines, Nuraghi, Temples, Archeology, Beaches, Nature with a professional tourist guide and local expert

Guided Tours in Sulcis Iglesiente

Tiziana Dedola, one of the B&B’s owner, is a Professional Tourist Guide and local expert. She founded where Sardinia, Guided Tours in Sardinia and Best Places to go.


where Sardinia offers guided tours in Sardinia, with a special focus on Sulcis Iglesiente, in the South West of the island.
The places are all rich in history and nature as well as breathtaking landscapes. The intent is to share a pinch of the soul of Sardinia, a land of traditions, authenticity and nature.

We choose itineraries outside the classic tourism routes to introduce unique places, often out of the crowd, but all linked by a rare beauty and charm.

The Guided Tours

The types of tours are various and can meet every taste:

Archeo-tours: Nuraghe guided tours, Old Phoenician-Punic archeology, Sant’Antioco archeo-tour, Antas Temple. Have a look at

Mines Tours: Tours to the old mines of Iglesiente that are outside the classic itineraries, like the Mines on the sea in Nebida and Masua.

City Tours: Iglesias and Carbonia are charming cities with completely different and surprising stories. Book a tour to discover these cities!

Beach Tours: Mines, Nuraghe, Archeology, History. In Iglesiente many tours are located in breathtaking scenarios, like the wonderful beaches of the coast. Discover it!


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