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bb-sardegna_about-usPedra Rubia is the brainchild of Marco and Tiziana, and is inspired by the beauty of this part of Sardinia – a true treasure trove for anyone who loves outdoor sports and nature at its wildest, not to mention the stunning coastline and Mediterranean waters.

What motivates us is our desire to welcome visitors to this less-well-known part of the island and help them get to know this unspoilt setting, its unassuming inhabitants and its natural treasures, as well as our passion for the great outdoors. Our goal is to promote the Sulcis Iglesiente, encouraging an alternative form of tourism.

In addition to our Bed & Breakfast, in fact, we are professionals of outdoor: Marco is a Mountain Guide (Big Alpine Guide) and Tiziana a Tourist Guide (look at the site and Yoga Master, both founders of Pedra Rubia  (, which focuses on outdoor sports, and we are the creators of the rock-climbing website which is dedicated to exploring what Sardinia has to offer in terms of free climbing.

We offer various services: guided tours biking, hiking and trekking, climbing experiences. You will find all the information you need in the Active Holidays section of our site.


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wheresardinia-guided-tours where Sardinia offers guided tours in Sardinia, with a special focus on Sulcis Iglesiente, in the South West of the island. The places are all rich in history and nature.

Big Alpine Guide Marco Bigatti, the first mountain guide that works mainly in Sardinia, is located in the South West of the island. promotes outdoor sports in Sardinia, in particular the climbing in the area of Sulcis and Iglesias.

Pedra Rubia and the environment.

We try to run our bed and breakfast in a way that respects the environment around us. Hot water is produced by solar thermal panels (after all, there’s no shortage of sunshine) and all the lights are energy efficient. Our electrical appliances have also been chosen on the basis of low energy consumption. We provide a transfer service to train stations and the airport, to encourage our guests to use public transport.

We also offer bike hire, not least to provide a degree of autonomy for shorter journeys.

Why ‘Pedra Rubia’?

Pan-di-zucchero-sunsetOur name and our philosophy are inseparable. ‘Pedra Rubia’ means ‘red stone’ in the local dialect. Stone is a poor man’s material, generally, and is often thought worthless, but here in Sardinia, it has long held a key role. You just need to look at those symbols of Sardinia, the Nuraghe, or at the bare rock that abounds all over the island. For us, as climbers, stone is both fascinating and valuable, and this is all the more true here in the Sulcis Iglesiente given how good the local rock is for climbing.

And the rocks here are ruby-red, or ‘rubia’, like the Pan di Zucchero sea stack that we see tinted red in the setting sun every evening from the windows and balconies of our B&B.