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Mountain Guide, Info Service, Free loan, all you need for your climbing holiday

Free Climbing Holiday

Mountain Guide and Free Climbing Holidays:

big alpine guide sardegnaMarco, one of the B&B’s owners, is a mountain guide, so we can organize a climbing holiday with full or half climbing day with him.
Here the page of the activities he offers.

Here his website: and the Activities in Sardinia.

Rock Climbing Day with Mountain Guide

For those who want to spend one or more days on rock having fun and improving their climbing technique, both beginners (even those who have never climbed in their life) and people who already have experience.
The teaching/mountainiring is totally customized according to the starting level and personal attitudes.
Also for people already expert that are looking for a climbing partner.
The climbing equipment can be provided by the Guide.

Multipitch Routes with Mountain Guide

For those who want to enjoy the pleasure of feeling suspended in the air on a rock face, learning or improving the techniques for the progression on multi-pitch routes and the correct rope maneuvers.

Rock Climbing Courses and Stages

We organize climbing courses that you can join to climb in groups. Around you, in the Sardinia, the most beautiful crags in Italy for the quality of the rock and the surrounding environment.

Discover our Climbing Facilities!

Climbing info & Service

free climbing holidayMoreover we offer climbers free loan of equipment for those who prefer to travel light and just bring their climbing shoes and harness with them to Sardinia.

We also run the climbing site so we enjoy climbing alongside our guests, and we are happy to provide climbers with information and logistical support.

Find out your crag on our website:

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