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You can enjoy a natural and wild environment far from cities and houses

Beaches of Iglesiente – South Sardinia

The best beaches of Iglesiente near Pedra Rubia Rooms & Breakfast

In Iglesiente the beaches are definitely less crowded than in the other parts of Sardinia and usually you can enjoy a natural and wild environment far from cities and houses. Here a list of the closest beaches with info about distance from our B&b and the services you can find.

spiaggia_portixedduPortixeddu and San Nicolò:

The beach is 3 kilometers long; it is a white sand beach with a beautiful, transparent sea. The parking lot is huge and just beside the beach. The Portixeddu and San Nicolò beaches are in a very natural area with many dunes covered by vegetation. A few kilometers from the beach there is a natural canyon with good limestone rock climbing routes.

On the northern beach of Portixeddu and the southern beach of San Nicolò, there are kiosks on the beach and some good restaurants as well.

Distance from B&B Pedra Rubia: Portixeddu 22 kilometers – San Nicolò 18,7 kilometers.

Cala-DomesticaCala Domestica:

It is one of the best beaches in Sardinia. It is a wild landscape with limestone cliffs in a fiord. The Cala Domestica is well protected from the mistral wind and is not very deep. It is an ideal place for families with children.

In addition to the main beach, there is a smaller one that you can reach by following a path that leads through a short mining tunnel which is also the begining of a trek. The early part of this trek offers a unique perspective on this beautiful beach. Also in the area one can take a short walk to the Piedmont Torre.

In the summer, there is a nice kiosk, an area for campers and a large parking lot.

Distance from B&B Pedra Rubia: 13 kilometers

Canal-Grande-NebidaCanal Grande of Nebida:

Strictly speaking it is not a beach but a rocky bay situated among ancient cliffs. The landscape is superb. Because of the age of the limestone cliffs which date to 560 million years ago, it is a very interesting place for geology. It can only be reach by a trek from the Cala Domestica or by a dirt road that starts at kilometer 17 of the road that leads to the Cala Domestica. The effort is repaid because of the charm of the bay where the sloping rocks flow into a crystal, clear sea.

Please, note that the Canal Grande is not for everyone as there is no sand but rather you swim on a rocky seabed. The trek that leads to the bay is only for expert trekkers.

Distance from B&B Pedra Rubia: 11,6 kilometers drive + 120 minutes walk

mausa_spiaggiaMasua and Nebida Coast:

In front of the massive “Pan di Zucchero”, the coast offers a unique panorama, especially at sunset. Masua has two beaches, both with kiosks and both sheltered from the Mistral wind. As both beaches are relatively shallow, they are very suitable for families with children. In July and August, the beaches tend to be very crowded.

Porto Corallo, Porto Ferro and Portu Banda are rocky beaches accessible after a beautiful hike. Portu Banda can be reached from Nebida by car or a 20 minute walk.

Distance from B&B Pedra Rubia: Masua 5,5 kilometers, Portu Banda 2 kilometers

beaches of iglesienteFuntanamare, Plag’e Mezu, Porto Paglia:

Funtanamare is a 4 km stretch of sand that is divided into two equal parts by a sandy promontory. The northern beach is usually less crowded, partly because it is less developed, while the central part, the Plag’e Mesu, is generally shallow and tranquil because it is a large, rocky shoal. Plag’e Mesu has kiosks, places to rent umbrellas and beach chairs. It has a good restaurant and there is a large paid parking lot close to the beach (if you don’t mind walking, you can park further away for free). Behind the beach is a pine forest. The Punt’e S’Arena, a little further to the south, is another place to go; it has a large car park.

The southern part of the beach is called Porto Paglia, it is very picturesque with a small church in the water and an old tuna factory converted into a residence. Here there are not many alternatives to paid parking.

Distance from B&B Pedra Rubia: Funtanamare 4,4 kilometers – Plag’e Mesu: 12 kilometers – Porto Paglia: 12,2 kilometers.

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